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Privacy Solutions

Window films to create privacy while enhancing your interior design

Most office and property managers have seen the dramatic increase in the use of glass walls and partitions in offices, conference rooms and common areas.  While this creates more open and friendly space for employees or tenants, it also results in a lack of privacy in many instances.


3M Sandblast Films  - A popular choice to create privacy

The most effective solution to address privacy concerns is to apply a translucent window film on the full glass surface or on the glass in the 'line of sight'. 

The most common film is one that produces a ‘sandblasted’ or frosted look on the glass. This allows a large amount of light to pass through, and at the same time solves the issue of privacy. Stripes or other intricate patterns can also be used to create a semi-private effect while enhancing the design aesthetics of the office. The amount of clear space in the design will determine the level of privacy.


Privacy solutions with easy installation and maintenance

There is no need to remove or replace glass when using a translucent window film to create privacy within an office. 3M certified installation staff apply the film with minimal disruption to your operations. Privacy window film can be easily cleaned with any standard window cleaning solution and quickly removed or replaced if required.



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